Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bunny - shorts, sweater, cropped hoodie

Based on child outfit - hoodie long bunny from GTW - (you don't have to have it)
Conversion and mesh edit - so it is completely 3 new meshes

Sweater and Cropped hoodie -Base Game compatible
Shorts - required SPA Day

9 original swatches

8 Maxis match swatches

11 Maxis match swatches


  1. I can't download this :( it keeps saying that there's an error, please refresh the page...

    1. Hi! Did you manage to download? I just successfully downloaded all 4 links.

    2. Hi, yes I did :) There was something wrong with my browser I guess. But thanks for replying, I can't wait to use these, they're adorable! :)

  2. how do I download it? I don't see a download button or anything like that anywhere. btw imnew to this blog so that's why LOL

    1. Hi. Just click on the name of the item there is 4 links written with bigger text - example - All 3 together in one archive. If you want them all or click individual links - example - bunny sweater...
      I use link shortener, so you will see a bit of an ads first, don't touch anything just have a look at the top right corner, wait 5 sec. and skip ad button will appear, click it and you will be redirected to download page. If you choose to download all 3 in one archive you will get rar. archive, unzip it with win rar program to extract packages. Enjoy; )