Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mexico - part 2

33 objects, some of it game items recolors and some new meshes.


or in separate archives:

mariachi muerto maracas stereo - floor
mariachi muerto guitar stereo - floor
mariachi muerto violin stereo - floor
Works as a stereo + grows dancing skills
required - Get to work

kitchen counter - recolor Mexico
kitchen counter island - recolor Mexico
kitchen cabinet - recolor Mexico
kitchen counters - additional set - Mexico
Mexican talavera sink
Sink works correctly only with a counter from my additional set, the additional set match perfectly to the rest of a recolored counters and contains all base game swatches as well
all base game compatible

hanging lanterns and twinkling lights separated from Oak tree, required Movie hangout
you can see little bit of it on a last screen
note: twinkling lights mesh is a tiny star on a ground level and ones placed difficult to find, you can put something on top of it to know where it is for the future. Looks pretty on a dance floor, in the garden or a pool, animation of a light get activated in a live mod

ts3 to ts4 sombrero recolor
wall sombrero 2
Mexican salt pepper
Credit for the mesh to - (check her conversions)
mesh is included in my package file
base game compatible

2 Mexican wall plates
4 Mexican wall plates
Mexican lottery framed
Wall clock Mexican time
Lottery paintings required Get to work, the rest is base game compatible

Mexican news board
Mexican news board 2
Mexican posters
Mexican kitchen wooden board
wooden board - peppers
all base game compatible

includes... way too much pictures:
Mexico painting 1, 2, 3
Mexican painting square, big frame, medium, small frame,
Mexican set of painting big, chili, medium V1, medium V2
Some of it base game compatible but some required -
 city living, movie hangout, get together, dine out

Monday, March 6, 2017

Mexico - (part 1;)


Mexican inspired set
22 objects


request by Tanitas8
rar. archive includes:
* Mexican recolor of- [Severinka] TS4 ChristmasBedroom - double bed blanket1
* Mexican recolor of- [Severinka] TS4 ChristmasBedroom - double bed blanket2
* Mexican recolor of- [Severinka] TS4 ChristmasBedroom - double bed pillows

you will need original meshes for my recolor to work in your game
Download - Mesh - Mesh - Mesh - (TSR)

rar. archive includes:
* Simple double bed
(Headboard-less bed with longer blanket and bigger pillows)
* Mexican rugs
* Round rugs
* Cactus wall light
* Cactus with sombrero

rar. archive includes:
* Mexican guitars
* Guitar wall light with shelve
* Guitar wall light
* Guitar mirror
* Guitar fish tank
Special big thanks to Bakie Gaming  S4S for helping me with animated fish in my fish tank!
Guys now I know too much)) so even better version of a fish tank coming soon! ;)

rar. archive includes:
* Silver hand mirror - 1,2,3,4,5,6
* Mexican heart mirror
* Frida wall deco
* Wall sombrero MM

I'm still working on the Mexico part 2 and most probably will do part 3)) If you like it or not ;)

Monday, February 20, 2017


43 items in Indian style


(24 items in rar. archive)

(6 items in rar. archive)

(5 items in rar. archive)

(4 items in rar. archive)

(4 items in rar. archive)

(You need the mesh!)
Thanks to MXIMS

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Thai - 16 new objects for The Sims 4

Originally 3D models from Tomb Rider Underworld 
converted to TS3 by moschino_K 
Now converted to TS4 by me 
Thai women statues requested by tanitas8 

All meshes has been edited to bring poly-count down 
some little original details is missing now but it is still looks good  tho some meshes still quite high poly 
Big statues has been scaled down to 0.5 size of original
 in case you want them smaller 
enlarge them as you want the bigger the better they looks

I packed them in 3 rar. archives


Thai women statue left - highest poly - 5880
Thai women statue right - highest poly - 5880
Thai women statue with fan - highest poly - 6320

Male Shiva - highest poly - 4108
Female Shiva - highest poly - 5004
F Shiva column - highest poly - 7323

Aztec throne - highest poly - 986
Lion left - highest poly - 696
Lion right - highest poly - 696
Obelisk large - highest poly - 507
Obelisk small - highest poly - 389
Thai column - highest poly - 389
Thai fence part - highest poly - 612 
Thai temple altar - highest poly - 447
Thai floor chest - highest poly - 1130
Thai pot - highest poly - 622